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  • The Yu-gi-oh Roleplaying Wiki, is a Wiki dedicated to everything about the creation of roleplays, fan characters, fan-made cardss, ect that take place in the Yu-gi-oh World! Please help us by creating or editing articles and making your own! We are currently editing over 20 articles on this wikia! Please get involved in our forums as well. Create your own unique stories and share them with others...About
  • Welcome to Yugioh Roleplaying Wiki. In this Wikia we allow anyone to express their love of the Yugioh series by coming up with there own fan fiction. That includes Characters, cards, and other things... —Welcome Page

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8 July 2008
We need you to help us get a logo! It must by 135px x 155px and named "Wiki.png". To submit, go to Special:Upload.
8 July 2008
We have been setting up some new templates for the wiki to make use of due to its current lack of templates.
7 July 2008
Yu-gi-oh Roleplay Wiki has now set up a requests for adminship page where you can vote or get voted to become an administrator.

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