Yu-Gi-Oh! RSG
Return of the Shadow Games

Authored by:

User:Ten Tailed Fox

Original Run:

May 21, 2008-not completed yet

Number of chapters:

not complete yet


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Yu-gi-oh! Return of the Shadow Realm also called Yu-Gi-Oh! Return of the Shadow Games, is a spin off of the original Yu-gi-oh series, created by Ten Tailed Fox. It takes place 13 years after the Pharaoh Atem departs the world of the living, thanks to Yugi and friends. Similar to Yu-gi-oh! GX, this series focuses on a whole new set of heros, villains and duel monsters. It is set before the events of Yu-gi-oh! GX and tells the tales of a group of Hebrews who took the knowledge of the shadow games with them during the Exodus from Egypt. In the modern day, a cult of Duelists known as the Disciples of Anuket, (descendants of those Hebrews) return to modern-day Egypt and unseal the chamber beneath Kul Elna in order to steal the Millennium Items from their 'eternal slumber', once again releasing the power of the Shadow Games. However there was one problem for the cultists, the Millenium Ring had been discovered by archeologists two years before and had been smuggled into the United States, where it found itself in the possession of American duelist, Ryan Getsueikirite.

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