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Types are a means to split monsters into groups (in a broader way to what Attributes do) in order to enable Support Cards granting various effects, to a specific order of monsters.

Each monster has 1 Type, and there are 21 different legal Types in the OCG & TCG (and a few made up) so far.

Real Monster TypesEdit

Aqua Aqua.pngEdit

See the main article, Aqua.

A notable made-up card is "Majesty of Ice", when a notable made-up Archetype is the Slime monsters.

Beast Beast.pngEdit

See the main article, Beast.

Some notable made-up Beast-Type monsters are "Ali Kangaroo" and "Arceus".

Beast-Warrior Beast-Warrior.pngEdit

See the main article, Beast-Warrior.

Some notable made-up cards are "Blaziken", and "Lucario".

Dinosaur Dinosaur.pngEdit

See the main article, Dinosaur.

Dragon Dragon.pngEdit

See the main article, Dragon.

Noteable Dragon Archetypes include the "Elemental Dragons" and "Darkness Dragons" .

Fairy Fairy.pngEdit

See the main article, Fairy.

Fiend Fiend.pngEdit

See the main article, Fiend.

The made-up "Doomforce" and "Apocalyptic Dragon" cards are all also Fiends.

Fish Fish.pngEdit

See the main article, Fish.

Insect Insect.pngEdit

See the main article, Insect.

Machine Machine.pngEdit

See the main article, Machine.

Some notable made-up Machine's weakness cards are "Combat War Lost" and "Short-Circuit Cyber", when a notable made-up Machine-Type monster is "Ultra Cyber Dragon".

Plant Plant.pngEdit

See the main article, Plant.

Psychic %3F.pngEdit

See the main article, Psychic.

Some notable made-up cards are:

Pyro Pyro.pngEdit

See the main article, Pyro.

Reptile Reptile.pngEdit

See the main article, Reptile.

Rock Rock.pngEdit

See the main article, Rock.

Sea Serpent Sea_Serpent.pngEdit

See the main article, Sea Serpent.

However, the advent of made-up Project Sea Serpent caused a lot of new Sea Serpents to be created, and now their main strategy is to power each other's ATK points and destroy opposing monsters. Some notable made-up monster cards are "Leviathan - Serpent of the Depths" and "Justice Hydra", when some notable made-up support cards are "Depths of the Ocean" and "Water Shield."

Spellcaster Spellcaster.pngEdit

See the main article, Spellcaster.

The only notable made-up Spellcaster so far is Magic Hero Galaxica.

Thunder Thunder.pngEdit

See the main article, Thunder.

A notable made-up cards is Raijin, the God of the Thunder, and some noteable made-up support cards are Static Fusion Ball and Aura of Lightning.

Warrior Warrior.pngEdit

See the main article, Warrior.

A notable made-up warrior monster card is Cannibal Warlord.

Winged Beast Winged_Beast.pngEdit

See the main article, Winged Beast.

Zombie Zombie.pngEdit

See the main article, Zombie.

A notable made-up weakness card is Talisman of Banishing Souls.

Divine-Beast Divine-Beast.pngEdit

See the main article, Divine-Beast.

Some notable made-up monsters:

Immortal ImmortalEdit

See the main article, Immortal.

Made-Up Monster Types:Edit

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